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Comparing Manual and Automatic Transmissions

When you head to the transmission shop in San Jose, you’ll need to work with a mechanic who deals with your kind of transmission. Manual and automatic transmissions have their own nuances, and ...
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Here's Why You Should Avoid Cheap Transmission Rebuilds

Quality work isn’t free, and it usually isn’t cheap, either. If you’re in need of transmission repair in San Jose, it’s best to find a legitimate professional to help you with ...
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Why Is My Car Vibrating?

The issue with a vibrating car doesn’t always come down to transmission repair in San Jose, but it’s helpful to know when it does. If you notice the vibration, then you might be able to ...
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The Basic Anatomy of Your Transmission

The transmission is one of the most complicated components of your vehicle. In order to take proper care of your car’s transmission, you should educate yourself about the basic components that ...
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What Is the PO700 Code?

Your transmission is equipped with a computerized diagnostic system that can send out trouble codes when a mechanical or electronic issue is detected within the transmission’s controls. If your ...
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What to Expect from Your Transmission Rebuild

If you have started to notice that your car has trouble shifting into gear, it may be time to schedule an automatic transmission rebuild. A transmission rebuild is a significant repair procedure that ...
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Understanding How the Clutch Works

If you drive a car that contains a manual transmission, you will use the clutch when you shift between gears. This video will provide you with an overview of how your car’s clutch works. When ...
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Avoid Future Problems with These Maintenance Services

The best way to avoid a problem is to predict it and take all the necessary steps to prevent it from happening. This foresight can save you money when it comes to making repairs, and it can save you ...
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Detecting a Slipping Clutch

A slipping clutch is an indication that you should seek transmission repair in San Jose. A malfunctioning transmission can cause serious problems for your vehicle if you don’t take care of it ...
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Factors to Consider Before Deciding Whether to Rebuild or Replace a Transmission

Rebuilding and replacing a transmission in San Jose can both be good for your vehicle, but they don’t offer the same advantages. That’s why you should do your homework to see which option ...
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A Closer Look at Transmission Overheating

You need to keep your transmission in San Jose cool for it to work properly, as overheating can take small problems and make them severe. There are a few clear symptoms of an overheating transmission, ...
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Top Signs of Transfer Case Problems

Not every drive is nice and smooth, which is why your vehicle should be able to handle less than perfect terrain. If your transfer case starts acting up, you should be sure to head to your automatic ...
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What Does a Transmission Rebuild Usually Include?

If your transmission has been giving you trouble, you should talk to the professionals for a diagnosis. In some cases, you might benefit from an automatic transmission rebuild in San Jose. In order to ...
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Why Isn't My Car Moving?

Your car might stop functioning properly for any number of reasons. If you can’t get your vehicle to move at all, the culprit might depend on the type of transmission in San Jose that you have. ...
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Low Transmission Fluid

In order to take care of your transmission in San Jose, you need to change your fluid. It’s your transmission fluid’s responsibility to keep your transmission powered up, cooled down, and ...
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Spotlight on Slow Engagement of Transmissions

If you want to keep yourself and your passengers safe when you’re out on the road, it’s important that your vehicle responds to your commands. A lack of control can quickly lead to ...
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FAQs and Answers About Automatic Transmission Rebuilds

Your transmission in San Jose is not an aspect of your vehicle that you should take any chances with, as it is essential to the functioning of your car or truck. In the event that your automatic ...
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A Look at a Bad Clutch

When your clutch starts to go out, you should make it a point to visit the transmission repair shop in San Jose as soon as you can. The sooner you recognize the symptoms of a failing clutch, the ...
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Common Reasons for CV Axle Repair

The constant velocity axle, or CV axle, is responsible for working with your differential axle to get your engine torque where it needs to go, which helps you keep your car under control and stay safe ...
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Reasons to Choose Rebuilding Over Replacing

Without a properly functioning transmission, you will not be able to drive your vehicle. When your transmission goes out completely, your transmission repair mechanic may be able to provide you with a ...
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Preventing Transmission Problems

Your car’s transmission is a very important part of its internal systems. If your transmission starts to fail, your car may lose its ability to drive. In order to keep your car going for its ...
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Getting to the Bottom of Common Car Symptoms

When you bring your car in for transmission repair, your mechanic may ask you to describe any unusual symptoms that you have recently noticed in your vehicle. By paying attention to your car’s ...
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Knowing the Signs of an Ailing Transmission

When your car is in need of transmission repair, you may notice one or more common symptoms. In this video, you will learn all about the signs that a transmission is having troubles. If your car ...
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Why Transmission Fluid Matters

When you schedule a transmission repair appointment at a transmission shop in San Jose, your technician may recommend that you change your transmission fluid. Transmission fluid plays a vital role in ...
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Warning Signs of an Impending Transmission Failure

Your car’s transmission contains a range of complex and sensitive components. Without a transmission that is functioning properly, your car may eventually suffer a serious breakdown on the road. ...
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