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Blog Posts in April, 2014

A Look at Some Common Myths About Manual Transmissions

With the popularity of automatic transmissions for new cars, manual transmissions are becoming less common on the road today. While some drivers prefer the convenience of an automatic transmission, ...
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Signs That Your Car Needs a New Transmission

If your car is experiencing significant transmission problems, you may need to replace or rebuild your entire transmission system. To determine whether your car needs a transmission rebuild, you can ...
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How to Select the Right Transmission Fluid

Your transmission requires transmission fluid to run smoothly and efficiently. Much like motor oil, transmission fluid is responsible for lubricating and cooling the moving parts of your car's ...
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A Guide to Troubling Transmission Signs

The idea of a transmission problem strikes fear into the hearts of car owners everywhere, but the good news is that not all transmission issues mean that you need a complete replacement. Many smaller ...
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Looking Back at the History of the Automatic Transmission

Automatic transmissions have completely revolutionized the way people drive. Before the invention and popularization of the automatic transmission, drivers were totally responsible for controlling the ...
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5 Star Yelp Review| Allied Transmission

We got a 5 star review on Yelp! We love it when our customers let us know their feedback.
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