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The Most Common Transmission Problems

The transmission in your vehicle is one of its most essential components. Without a properly working transmission, your car will be extremely difficult to drive. In fact, neglecting transmission repairs can eventually destroy your engine and drivetrain. To keep your automatic or standard transmission in great shape, it is important to know the signs of a failing transmission. At Allied Transmission, we serve the San Jose area with a complete range of transmission repairs and services. From minor transmission repairs to total transmission rebuilds, our shop offers all of the services you need to keep your car on the road. Let's take a quick look at some of the most common transmission problems to watch out for in your vehicle. Transmission Repair Signs San Jose

Low Transmission Fluid
Your car's transmission is powered by a fluid hydraulic system. If your transmission fluid is low or leaking, the performance of your transmission could be severely compromised. You can check your transmission levels by looking under the hood of your car. Red liquid under your vehicle could also indicate that your car is suffering from a fluid leak.

Damaged Torque Converter
In an automatic transmission, the torque converter allows the vehicle to idle when it comes to a stop. A damaged torque converter is a common cause of transmission problems . If your torque converter is experiencing mechanical issues, you may hear unusual grinding sounds coming from underneath your vehicle. Your gears may also grind as your car shifts.

Solenoid Problems
The job of the solenoid is to pump transmission fluid throughout the system. If your solenoid is jammed or broken, you may notice that your car loses power as you are driving. You may also feel strange shaking sensations as you drive. A broken solenoid can also cause your transmission to heat up to dangerously high levels.

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