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Understanding the Function of the Planetary Gearset

Planetary gearsets are a fundamental part of the operation of an automatic transmission. In fact, transmission shops usually agree that the planetary gearset is the most important component inside the automatic transmission. Though automatic transmission repair services are rarely required for a planetary gearset, some poorly maintained or high-mileage vehicles may eventually need to have the planetary gearset repaired or replaced at a transmission repair shop serving San Jose.

Automatic Transmission Repair San JoseThe planetary gearset is essentially a gear assembly with three gearsets: a ring gear on the outside, a planetary carrier assembly in the middle containing three pla netary gears, and a sun gear in the center. These gearsets are splined so that they can connect to a clutch, band, or the main shaft. The planetary gearset can be manipulated so that certain components can spin free, while others can be held or transfer power to the transmission assembly. By manipulating which components provide input, which provide output, and which are held still, an automatic transmission is able to produce a wide range of gear ratios for different driving situations. If your automatic transmission is making strange noises or having difficulty shifting, visit a transmission repair shop serving San Jose.

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