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Examining the Signs of a Failing Transmission

Your car's transmission is one of its most important internal systems. Without a transmission, your engine would not be able to power your wheels forward. If your transmission is in trouble, you may notice one or several warning signs. At Allied Transmission, we can diagnose, repair, and rebuild your failing transmission. We provide our customers in San Jose with top-quality automatic and standard transmission repair services. To help you determine when it's time to call the transmission repair shop, here is a look at some of the top signs of a failing transmission. Transmission Trouble San Jose

Trouble Shifting Into Gear
If your standard transmission is experiencing problems, you may find that you have trouble shifting into gear. A properly working transmission should shift smoothly and effortlessly between gears. When your transmission has a hard time shifting, this could be a symptom of low transmission fluid or a faulty shift or clutch cable. If you are having trouble shifting, you should call your transmission shop right away to schedule repairs.

Burning or Bad Smells
Your automatic transmission requires automatic transmission fluid in order to remain cool and lubricated. If you have a transmission fluid leak, or are low on fluid, you may notice a bad burning smell emanating from your car's engine. This smell may indicate that your transmission fluid is burning up. Before you schedule transmission repairs, you can check your transmission fluid levels by looking under the hood of your car.

Unusual Sounds or Sensations
When your transmission is about to fail, you may experience unusual sounds or sensations while you are driving. You may find that your standard transmission is extremely noisy when you shift into neutral. In addition, you may hear grinding sounds or feel a shuddering sensation when your car shifts between gears. Any unusual symptoms are a good indication that you should schedule a transmission repair for your car.

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