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Blog Posts in May, 2014

Common Symptoms of Transmission Problems

Transmission problems can occur at any time, so it's important to know when you need to schedule transmission repair near San Jose. Of the many things that can go wrong with a transmission, the ...
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A Look at How the Clutch Works In a Manual Transmission

Most people don't think twice about how their clutch works until something goes wrong and they must find a transmission repair shop serving San Jose. If you have a vehicle with a manual ...
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Signs That Your Transmission Is Slipping

There are several common symptoms of a slipping transmission. In an automatic transmission, a slipping transmission is usually caused by weakened clutch bands. When this problem occurs, you may notice ...
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Fantastic Article on Allied Transmission in Parts & People

Allied Transmission recently had a great article written about their service in the May 2014 Edition of Parts & People. Check out the full article.
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What Is a Torque Converter?

An automatic transmission is made up of many sophisticated internal components. From the planetary gearsets to the torque converter, there are several essential parts that your automatic transmission ...
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Tips for Preserving the Lifespan of Your Transmission

Your car's transmission is one of its most critical internal systems. Whether you drive a standard transmission or an automatic transmission, it is critical to keep your car's transmission in ...
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