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A Look at How the Clutch Works In a Manual Transmission

Most people don't think twice about how their clutch works until something goes wrong and they must find a transmission repair shop serving San Jose. If you have a vehicle with a manual transmission and you believe the clutch is malfunctioning, you may find it helpful to learn more about how this important component works.

Flywheel San Jose Clutch Repair
A reputable transmission repair shop serving San Jose will always recommend resurfacing the flywheel if replacing the clutch disc on a high-mileage vehicle. Forming the base of the clutch assembly, the flywheel provides support for the end of the transmission input shaft, and is the connecting gear for starting and running the engine. The clutch side of the flywheel provides the friction against the clutch disc, which allows the driver to switch gears and idle without stalling the engine.

Clutch Disc
Round and thin like a CD, but made of high-strength steel, the clutch disc is designed to fit the splines of the transmission input shaft, forcing the shaft and disc to turn in tandem. The outer edges of the clutch disc so that one side engages with the flywheel and the other with the pressure plate. Transmission shops usually replace clutch discs every 60,000 to 100,000 miles, depending on driving conditions.

Pressure Plate
The pressure plate is similar in size and shape to the clutch disc, but it is usually made of cast iron instead of steel. The side of the pressure plate that presses into the clutch disc is made smooth to create a friction surface, while the other side is designed to line up with the pressure plate springs and release levers.

Other Clutch Components
Coil springs are fastened to the inside of a domed clutch cover to exert pressure against the pressure plate, forcing it into the clutch disc. Release levers are also fixed to the cover, allowing the pressure plate to be pulled away from the clutch disc. A knowledgeable technician will usually recommend replacing the release bearing during a major manual transmission repair service.

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