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Tips for Preserving the Lifespan of Your Transmission

Your car's transmission is one of its most critical internal systems. Whether you drive a standard transmission or an automatic transmission, it is critical to keep your car's transmission in proper working condition. If your transmission is in need of repairs, be sure to contact Allied Transmission of San Jose. Our transmission shop offers a complete range of transmission services, including transmission rebuilds and repairs. To keep your transmission in good shape, it is crucial to practice smart driving habits. Here are some tips that will help you preserve the lifespan of your transmission for many miles down the road. Proper Transmission Maintenance San Jose

Schedule Routine Maintenance
Routine maintenance is one of the keys to preserving the lifespan of your transmission . The maintenance needs of your transmission are determined by the type of driving that you do on a regular basis. If your daily drives are hard on your transmission and engine, you may want to schedule an appointment at the repair shop every 15,000. During this service appointment, the transmission technician will be able to check over your major transmission systems.

Find the Correct Gears
Using the correct gears is one of the keys to helping your transmission last as long as possible. If you drive a manual transmission, it is essential to always shift smoothly from gear to gear and choose the right gear for the driving situation. Drivers of automatic transmissions should typically always use the Drive mode on the shift selector. By choosing the proper gears, you will help your transmission run efficiently.

Keep Up With Repairs
If you notice a problem with your transmission, it is important to schedule a repair appointment right away. Signs of a transmission problem include grinding gears, strange noises, or a burning smell coming from your engine. When these symptoms appear, do not hesitate to make an appointment at your transmission service shop. By repairing issues as soon as they come up, you will keep a minor problem from becoming a major driving emergency.

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