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How Your Driving Habits Affect Your Transmission

Whether you drive a standard transmission or an automatic transmission, your driving habits and techniques will affect the quality and lifespan of your car's transmission. By practicing smooth and attentive driving habits, you can prevent the need for costly transmission repairs. A transmission repair shop serving San Jose can help you care for your car's transmission for every mile that you drive down the road. With proper car transmission repair and maintenance, you will enjoy smooth and safe drives for many years to come. To help you take perfect car of your car's transmission, here is a look at how your driving habits affect your transmission.

Short Trips

If you take short driving trips on a frequent basis, this driving habit can affect the performance and quality of your transmission. When you stop and start your vehicle often, your automatic transmission will experience an excessive amount of wear and tear. By contrast, driving at a steady speed on the highway will place less strain on the transmission of your vehicle.

Excessive Speeding

Excessive speeding and revving your engine can also take a toll on your transmission. When you travel at faster speeds, your transmission will need to work harder to deliver power to the wheels of your vehicle. When you are driving on the highway, it is a good idea to maintain a steady speed of 60 miles per hour or less. By travelling at a constant speed, you will ensure that your transmission is in excellent working shape.


Downshifting is a term that describes when a driver uses the gears of the transmission to slow the vehicle. This driving habit can cause major damage and strain to your manual transmission. During a downshifting maneuver, the gears of the transmission can grind together and eventually wear down. To take the best care of your transmission, be sure to choose a shop offering quality transmission repair near San Jose.

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