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Prolonging the Life of Your Clutch

If you drive a vehicle with a manual transmission, your clutch is one of the most important features of your car. Over time, the cables and internal components of your clutch can wear down and eventually break. To prevent the need for frequent transmission repairs, it is a great idea to maintain and preserve the quality of your clutch. Whether you drive a vehicle with a standard transmission or an automatic transmission, the expert technicians at Allied Transmission will be there to serve you. We provide the San Jose area with all types of transmission repairs, including full rebuilds and minor tune ups. To help you keep your car on the road, here are some tips to help you prolong the life of your clutch.

Avoid Riding the Clutch

Riding the clutch is a term that is used to describe when a driver's foot is continually pressing on the clutch pedal. If you always have your foot partially on the clutch, you can cause the cables to wear down excessively quickly. To avoid riding the clutch, it is a good idea to move your foot away from the clutch pedal immediately after you shift.

Use Your Breaks to Slow Down

Some drivers use the clutch to downshift and slow their vehicles. Downshifting can quickly take a toll on the quality and performance of the clutch. When you downshift, you can cause your gears to grind together. As a habit, try to use your brakes to slow down your vehicle whenever it is possible.

Shift Into Neutral

When you are waiting at a stoplight, it is a great idea to shift your vehicle into neutral. By putting your car in its neutral gear, you will be able to take your foot off of the clutch pedal. By using the clutch only when it is necessary, you will help this important system last for as long as possible.

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