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Troubleshooting Problems with Your Transmission

Troubleshooting Problems with Your Transmission

Even if you keep up with regular car maintenance, a number of issues can cause transmission problems. If you need transmission repair in San Jose, the experts at Allied Transmissions are both qualified and happy to help you. Read this article to determine what causes some of the most common transmission problems and how we can fix them.

No Response or Inconsistent Operation

If your engine seems to be functioning properly but your transmission does not react when you step on the accelerator, visit a transmission repair shop. Usually, this is the result of low or dirty transmission fluid in an automatic transmission, or a damaged or maladjusted clutch if you have a manual transmission. If the transmission doesn't function consistently, you may have a transmission filter clog or heat change problem.

Shift Problems

If shifts are harsh or clunky, there is probably a damaged throttle or shift linkage, or a transmission fluid problem. If gear changes are slow or premature, you may have the wrong type or quantity of transmission fluid. If that's not the problem, the technician at your car transmission repair shop will see if the engine idle, throttle linkage, or computer control settings need to be re-adjusted. If the transmission vibrates or makes loud noises during shifting, the transmission repair shop will start by checking the transmission fluid.

Slipping Transmission

If the engine revs during shifts when the accelerator or clutch is depressed, but the car doesn't accelerate, you have a slipping transmission. The cause of this can be low transmission fluid, a worn transmission band, or a failing clutch.


If your car is leaking fluid, take it to the repair shop right away, because fluid can cause serious damage to the components under the hood of the vehicle. A transmission fluid leak can be the result of a ruptured torque convertor, seal, or transmission case. Sometimes the cause is detached oil fluid lines, a damaged pan gasket, or vented fluid from the filler tube.

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