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Blog Posts in December, 2015

Spotlight on Transmission Maintenance

When you are scheduling routine repairs for your vehicle, you should be sure to include transmission maintenance. With regularly scheduled transmission maintenance from a transmission shop in San ...
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Synthetic Transmission Fluid 101

Much like synthetic motor oil, synthetic transmission fluid has become the standard for today’s manual and automatic transmission fluid. When your car is in need of an automatic transmission ...
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The Sounds of Transmission Problems

Transmissions are very complex machines that are not built to last forever. With that said, you can extend the life of your transmission by scheduling transmission maintenance every time you get an ...
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What Are the Signs of a Bad CV Joint?

The constant velocity joint—known as the CV joint—is a simple piece of machinery with a very important task. Read this article to find out which symptoms are indicative of a CV joint that ...
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Is Your Clutch Slipping?

As any transmission shop will tell you, clutches are only made to last for four to seven years. Factors such as your driving style and where you drive—especially the number and incline of hills ...
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