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Is Your Clutch Slipping?

As any transmission shop will tell you, clutches are only made to last for four to seven years. Factors such as your driving style and where you drive—especially the number and incline of hills that you drive over—affect the overall life of your clutch. Over time, a clutch will start to slip when it is malfunctioning. In fact, a slipping clutch is one of the most common problems that affect vehicles with a manual transmission. Fortunately, Allied Transmission offers quality clutch repair in San Jose. To learn more about your clutch to see if you need transmission work, read on.

If you start to notice poor gas mileage or a need to downshift more often when going up hills, you probably have a slipping clutch. Other symptoms of a slipping clutch include a stiff pedal, and a pattern where your engine sounds like it’s revving when you start accelerating from a stop. Visit a manual transmission shop to have your clutch diagnosed.

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