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What Are the Signs of a Bad CV Joint?

The constant velocity joint—known as the CV joint—is a simple piece of machinery with a very important task. Read this article to find out which symptoms are indicative of a CV joint that is about to fail. If you think you may have a bad CV joint, visit a transmission shop near San Jose that performs CV axle repair.

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Unusual Vibration and Noises

A deteriorating CV joint will make a clicking or grinding noise when the bearings make contact and the CV joint vibrates inside its casing. In addition, the CV joint will vibrate at certain speeds and in particular driving conditions. For example, you may notice a knocking at low speeds, or a vibration that increases with speed. It’s also common to notice a humming or growling noise, which could indicate a need to re-grease the inner or outer CV joint. If you have an automatic transmission, you may notice a clunking when switching into drive.

Irregular Driving

Driving on a freshly paved road can help you determine whether the CV joint is bad. If you feel a bouncing sensation as you drive, there’s a chance that you have a bad CV joint. Visit a transmission repair shop to determine if the problem is the CV joint or something else.

Wear and Tear

It’s normal for the metal bearings inside of older CV joints to wear away. Over time, bearing wear and tear opens up clearance between the bearing portions. Unfortunately, this causes the bearings to hammer together, which wears out the CV joints until they eventually fail.

Inner and Outer Joint Problems

The inner CV joint and outer CV joint serve different functions. If the inner CV joint is failing, you will notice a shuddering, clunking, or vibration when the car is accelerating or decelerating. If the outer CV joint is failing, it will click and pop—you may even be able to feel this happening through the floor or the wheel. You’ll need to visit a transmission repair shop for transmission work.

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