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How Does Your Clutch Work?

If you drive a car with a standard transmission, chances are that you will need to schedule clutch repair at some point in your car’s lifespan. Your clutch allows the rotating shafts of your transmission to separate and reengage. Without a properly working clutch, the performance and safety of your transmission could be seriously compromised. A company offering clutch repair in San Jose can perform all of the transmission work that your vehicle needs to remain in terrific operating shape. To help you understand the importance of clutch repair, let’s take a closer look at how your clutch works.

Main Parts of a Clutch

There are several mechanical components that are critical to the functioning of your clutch. These parts include your flywheel and your clutch plate. The flywheel is connected to your engine, and rotates along with this mechanical component. By contrast, the clutch plate is attached to your car’s transmission. The clutch plate applies the pressure needed to shift your vehicle between gears. Other crucial clutch parts include the clutch housing, pressure plate, and clutch cable.

Using the Clutch

Your clutch is operated using a specialized pedal. When you press down on this pedal, your clutch plate is released from the flywheel. By releasing the tension between the flywheel and the clutch plate, the clutch ped Clutch Repair San Joseal allows you to manually shift between gears. In order to ensure that your clutch is able to engage and disengage seamlessly, the clutch place is also equipped with finely tuned springs.

Signs of Clutch Problems

If your clutch is not working properly, you may notice several signs and symptoms. For example, if you are having trouble getting your clutch pedal to engage or disengage, this could indicate an issue with your clutch plate or clutch cable. By bringing your vehicle in to a specialized transmission repair shop, you can ensure that your clutch problems are fully diagnosed and repaired. With a working clutch, you will extend the lifespan of your vehicle.
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