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Comparing Four-Wheel and All-Wheel Drive

Because cars and trucks have four wheels, it’s natural to assume that four-wheel drive is the same thing as all-wheel drive. But the two systems are actually different—each with a unique set of strengths and drawbacks. Learn more about the difference between four-wheel drive and all-wheel drive by reading this article. If you need quality transmission repair near San Jose, visit Allied Transmission. transmission repair san jose

Basic Differences Between Four-Wheel Drive and All-Wheel Drive

There are many different versions of four-wheel drive, or 4WD, but the system is usually used in off-road vehicles. The 4WD system divides power between the front and rear axles so that as much torque as possible goes to each wheel. Unlike 4WD systems, which operate some of the time, all-wheel drive, or AWD, systems operate nearly all of the time. AWD systems assess which wheels have the most traction at any given time, and send power to those wheels. As any transmission repair specialist can verify, AWD systems are more complicated than 4WD systems.

Strengths and Drawbacks of Four-Wheel Drive

4WD is a rugged technology that has been used for decades to offer the best traction for off-roading. Many vehicles with 4WD will automatically disable the 4WD system when it is not in use, and many others allow the driver to manually turn off the 4WD system. This is a great way to improve fuel economy, as 4WD systems tend to consume more fuel than two-wheel drive systems. Although they offer many advantages, 4WD systems add weight to a vehicle and increase a vehicle’s overall price. If your 4WD vehicle is having problems, call a car transmission repair shop.

Strengths and Drawbacks of All-Wheel Drive

AWD vehicles provide superior grip and control in a wide variety of road conditions. It enhances traction, which gives any vehicle with AWD sportier handling. AWD is also ideal because it works all the time, so it is ready if the vehicle suddenly loses traction. AWD is not quite as good as 4WD for intense off-roading. If you have issues with your AWD system, visit a shop that offers differential repair.

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