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Spotting the Signs of a Bad Drive Axle

car axle san jose, transmission san joseIn rear-wheel drive cars and trucks, the drive axle is responsible for transmitting the rotational force of the engine (via the driveshaft) to the rear wheels. Like any other vehicle component, the drive axle can malfunction over time due to the constant wear, tear, and abuse of daily driving. And like all other components that malfunction, the sooner you spot the signs of trouble the less you’ll end up spending on repairs. If you notice any of the following symptoms, visit a transmission repair shop in San Jose that specializes in drive axle repair.

Unusual Sounds

Your hearing is one of the best diagnostic tools you own. A bad axle will emit a number of unusual sounds depending on the type and severity of the problem. For example, if you clicking or squeaking at low speeds that get louder as you accelerate, it could indicate a worn or damaged u-joint. A low-pitched growl, on the other hand, can point to bad axle shaft bearings. In any case, if you hear unusual noises while driving be sure to visit a transmission repair shop in the Bay Area to let a professional diagnose and fix the root of the problem.

Wheel Vibrations

Vibration in the steering wheel is another sign that can point to a potential problem with the drive axle. Steering wheel vibration can be related to a number of problems with the drive axle, as well as many other transmission and drivetrain components, so it’s important that you bring your car to a transmission repair shop at the first sign of wheel wobble. The problem will only get worse over time, which means more damage and more expensive repairs, so don’t delay having your vehicle checked out by a transmission repair professional.

Drive Axle Movement

If you are more of the DIY mechanic type, you can check the drive axle for excessive movement to determine if it’s going bad. With your vehicle jacked up and supported, move the drive axle up and down. If the axle exhibits excessive movement (a half inch or more) bring your vehicle in to have the axle repaired or replaced.

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