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A Look at the Components of a Four-Wheel Drive System

transmission repair san jose, transmission service san joseFour-wheel drive trucks and SUVs allow you to go places that are all but inaccessible to standard two-wheel drive vehicles. If you’ve ever taken a four-wheel drive vehicle off-road, you know what it feels like to confidently tackle roads that most other drivers wouldn’t dare to explore. But have you ever wondered what components and mechanisms inside the four-wheel drive system allow you to go virtually anywhere and do virtually anything? Read this short post to learn more about the primary components of a four-wheel drive system, and why it’s important that you seek transmission repair in San Jose from a shop that specializes in differential and transfer case repair (more on that later).

Front and Rear Differentials

Vehicles equipped with a four-wheel drive system have two differentials, one located between the two front wheels and one between the two rear wheels. The differentials send torque from the transmission to the drive wheels and allow for the inside and outside wheels to rotate at different speeds. If you suspect any loss in traction when four-wheel drive mode is engaged, you may need to bring your vehicle in for differential repair. You may also need to come in for differential repair if you a howl or whine during acceleration or rumbling at speeds over 20 mph.

Transfer Case

The transfer case is the device that splits power between the front and rear axles on a four-wheel drive vehicle. These devices allow full-time four-wheel drive vehicles (all-wheel drive) to function properly on any surface, and not just when conquering brutal off-road terrain. Some transfer cases also contain an additional set of gears that provide low range, which gives the vehicle extra torque and a super-slow output speed to help climb very steep terrain. If you put your off-road vehicle through its paces, be sure to visit a transmission repair shop in San Jose and have your transfer case checked out before your next major off-road adventure.

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