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Blog Posts in September, 2015

What Is a Differential?

When you schedule transmission repair in San Jose, you may hear your technician use unfamiliar words and phrases to describe your transmission work. One of the essential components of every modern ...
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Does Your Transfer Case Need Repairs?

If you drive a four wheel drive vehicle, it is important to make sure that you schedule transmission repair on a routine basis. Without routine transmission maintenance, you may find that your vehicle ...
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Preventative Maintenance for Your Transmission

Your transmission is among the most important internal components of your vehicle. As the system that transfers power from your engine to your wheels, your transmission is vital for powering your car ...
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Spotlight on Transfer Cases

If you have a vehicle that is equipped with four wheel drive, your transfer case is among the most essential elements of your transmission. As you put your vehicle into four wheel drive, your transfer ...
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Understanding How Automatic Transmissions Work

Until recent years, most passenger vehicles were equipped with manual transmissions. With the rise of the automatic transmission, driving has become more convenient than ever before. Over time, the ...
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