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Common Differential Problems

Without working differentials, it would be much more difficult to safely navigate your vehicle around a corner; throw in some sharp turns, and the trip could be impossible. The wheels that reach the road and move your vehicle are organized strategically, but something must compensate for the difference in speed and positioning between them when you make a turn. Failing differentials can be problematic for your transmission in San Jose, so make sure you are aware of the problems that might potentially occur. Maintain your components so they don’t wear out, and look out for misalignment. Take your vehicle to your transmission specialist right away if you notice differential leaks. Read on to learn about some of the common differential problems in closer detail. car - transmission

Worn Out Components

Every type of system is only as effective as its weakest link, and nothing lasts forever on its own. If you want to keep your differentials in shape, you will need to pay attention to individual components. A differential problem will typically offer a few warning signs before it starts affecting your transmission, and drivers should be familiar with them. In many cases, signs of worn out components will involve some sort of strange sound; if you start hearing odd rumbling noises while traveling faster than 20 miles per hour, it could be due to worn out carrier bearings. Howling noises, on the other hand, may suggest that it’s time to replace other inner components of your differential.

Misalignment and Lack of Connection

A common problem that may occur as a result of worn out components is misalignment. Warped pieces of the puzzle won’t fit together the way they should, and worn or damaged components will fail to make the connections they need to make. Misaligned gears might cause your car to make a sound as well.

Differential Leaks

A differential leak might occur when certain components don’t get the lubrication they need. Like wearing and misalignment, differential leaks might reveal themselves via sounds. Check your differential regularly, and take it to your transmission specialist if you think you might have a problem.

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