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When to Rebuild Your Transmission

If your transmission in San Jose could use an overhaul, you might be torn when considering your options. In order for you to even make it to this step, however, you need to understand the signs that your transmission will give you when something goes wrong. Replacing and rebuilding are both viable options, but they are not both equally applicable across all situations. You can be certain that it’s time for a rebuild if you bring your vehicle in and your automatic transmission specialist makes the call. Here is more on when to rebuild your transmission: transmission - repair

When You Notice the Signs

Although your car might try to tell you that something is wrong in a few different ways, there are some indicators that tend to be more common when the transmission is failing. If you have a problem with your transmission, you will typically hear some sort of strange noise that you wouldn’t expect to hear coming from your vehicle. You might hear grinding, buzzing, or howling. You should also keep your nose alert and pay attention to unusual aromas. Don’t ignore these signs; instead, seek help from your transmission specialist as soon as possible.

When Replacing Won’t Cut It

Sometimes replacing your transmission is the way to go. When it’s not, you might be better off having it rebuilt. This can actually be cheaper than a full replacement as many of the parts are already in place. Rather than replacing the entire transmission, your specialist will seek out the needed parts. This can even improve your environmental impact because it requires fewer materials to be produced and less energy to be consumed. If you want to get your car back on the road quickly, efficiently, and affordably, rebuilding might be the more appealing option.

When the Specialist Makes a Recommendation

Unless you have experience in the industry, you should take your car into the shop before deciding whether you should opt for a replacement or a rebuild. Your transmission pro will take a look at the situation and determine if rebuilding your transmission is the best option for your vehicle.

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