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Signs You Need Transmission Repairs

Transmission repair is an important procedure for many high mileage vehicles. As you drive your car down the road, the gears, belts, and other components related to your car’s transmission will gradually wear down. To prevent a breakdown as you are driving, you will want to schedule transmission service in San Jose before you minor transmission problem becomes a major issue. By staying on top of your car’s transmission repair needs, you can keep it on the road for as long as possible. Here is a quick overview of three common signs that you may need to bring your car in to the transmission repair shop. transmission - repairs

Irregular Shifting

As a frequent driver of your vehicle, you are certain to become familiar with its typical shifting sensations. When your car is starting to develop transmission issues, its shifting may become irregular or problematic. Some common shifting problems include slow shifting when you first put your car into gear, losing the current gear as you travel down the road, or jerky shifting sensations.

Grinding Sounds

When your car is in need of transmission repairs, you may also start to hear grinding sounds when your vehicle transitions in and out of different gears. These grinding noises are the sound of your car’s gears fitting together improperly. In a manual transmission, grinding noises can also be related to issues with the clutch. Grinding noises should not be ignored, and should instead receive immediate attention from a mechanic.

Burning Smells

In the event that your vehicle is in need of immediate transmission repair, you may be able to smell the problem before you hear or feel it. A broken transmission may produce burned transmission fluid, which has a distinctively charred odor. When your transmission fluid is overheating, it may also become dark and cloudy in appearance. Rather than attempting to change your transmission fluid on your own, you will want to bring your car to a certified mechanic.

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