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What Does Transmission Fluid Do?

When you bring your car in to the transmission shop for a routine service, your technician may suggest that you schedule a transmission fluid flush for your vehicle. Transmission fluid flushes are vital for preserving the performance, freshness, and safety of an automatic transmission. Your transmission shop in San Jose may recommend that you perform this valuable transmission service once every 50,000 miles. If you neglect to maintain or change your transmission fluid, your car could suffer from serious maintenance problems. To highlight the importance of transmission fluid flushes, let’s take a look at the different roles that transmission fluid plays in your car’s transmission. transmission - fluid

Lubricate Moving Parts

One of the primary roles of transmission fluid is to lubricate the many moving parts that are constantly turning in your car’s transmission. Without proper lubrication, your transmission’s gears and other moving components would wear down very quickly. In fact, transmission fluid plays a similar role to motor oil in your car’s engine. Changing your transmission fluid will help to keep your transmission components in proper working shape.

Cool Transmission Components

Along with offering your car’s transmission important lubrication, your transmission fluid also serves as a coolant that prevents overheating. As the gears and other parts in your transmission shift and move while you drive, they can create a significant amount of friction. Your transmission fluid will absorb the heat that is created by this friction, ensuring that your transmission remains cool and does not overheat while the car is in motion.

Provide Power from the Engine

Finally, your car’s transmission fluid also plays an important role in the transfer of power from your engine to your transmission system. As power is created in the engine, it is hydraulically transmitted to the transmission through your transmission fluid. Low or dirty transmission fluid could cause your car to experience shifting problems and other issues. With routine transmission fluid flushes, you can keep your transmission fluid in peak condition.

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