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How Torque Converters Work

If you’re in need of a transmission rebuild near San Jose, you can benefit from learning a little bit about how transmission torque converters work. An automatic transmission repair or transmission rebuild involves removing and replacing elements of the transmission, including the transmission torque converter. Here is a look at how torque converters work.

Torque Converters

The Purpose of a Torque Converter

Cars that operate using automatic transmission use a torque converter to allow the engine to turn while the wheels and gears are coming to a stop. If your car is in need of an automatic transmission rebuild or automatic transmission repair, it’s possible that the elements of your torque converter are not operating properly. A torque converter allows the car’s engine to spin independently of the transmission, like a fluid coupling. Cars that operate using a manual transmission use a clutch to disconnect the engine from the transmission. You might require manual transmission repair, clutch repair, or transmission maintenance if your clutch is not allowing the engine to disconnect.

A Torque Converter’s Parts

A torque converter consists of four very important elements: the pump, turbine, stator, and transmission fluid. Regular transmission maintenance is necessary to keep all of these elements in good working order. If any one of these parts is damaged or faulty, you will need to visit a transmission shop for transmission work or car transmission repair. The parts of the torque converter are contained in housing that is bolted to the engine’s flywheel, so the converter turns at the same speed as the engine.

Benefits of a Torque Converter

Your car’s torque converter serves a very important purpose: It allows your car to come to a complete stop without stalling the engine. When your car undergoes regular transmission maintenance, your torque converter will actually give your car more power when you accelerate after a stop. A modern torque converter multiplies the engine’s power by up to three times. If you visit a transmission shop for automatic transmission repairs when necessary, your car’s torque converter will ensure your car runs safely and efficiently.