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Why Does My Car Have Slow Gear Changes?

Automatic transmission repair is an essential service for any vehicle. When your car starts to get higher in mileage, you may want to bring your vehicle to a transmission shop in San Jose for a diagnostic appointment. By scheduling transmission service before a major problem arises, you can help to avoid major transmission repair problems in the future. One of the most common transmission issues is slow gear changes. Since slow gear changes can be caused by a variety of mechanical malfunctions, you will need your technician to properly diagnose the issue. To give you a look at what may be wrong with your vehicle, here is a look at some possible reasons why your car may have slow gear changes. gear - changes

Low Transmission Fluid

The transmission fluid in your car is responsible for cooling, lubricating, and powering the internal components of your transmission. Over time, your transmission fluid may get low if it is not flushed at key intervals by your transmission repair specialist. If your transmission fluid gets too low, you may find that your car has trouble shifting gears.

Improper Transmission Fluid

While slow gear changes can be caused by low transmission fluid, using the wrong type of transmission fluid can also clog up and slow down your transmission system. Each type of transmission is designed to operate optimally with a specific type of transmission fluid. To determine whether the transmission fluid that you are using is right for your vehicle, you may want to consult your owner’s manual.

Clogged Fluid Filter

A final possible cause of slow gear changes is a clogged transmission fluid filter. Over time, your transmission fluid can become contaminated with dirt, metal particles, and other forms of debris. Your transmission fluid filter is responsible for removing these impurities from your transmission system. If your filter becomes too clogged, your transmission may shift slower than normal. Fortunately, routine transmission flushes can help prevent problems that may cost you in the long-run.

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