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Blog Posts in March, 2016

The Benefits of Standard Transmissions

You might notice that a lot of used cars (and even some new ones) are less expensive if they come equipped with a standard transmission, also known as a manual or stick shift. But that doesn’t ...
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What are the Benefits of a Transmission Rebuild?

When your transmission starts to fail, you have three options to consider: repair, replace, or rebuild. Depending on the age and condition of your transmission, repair might not be advisable since you ...
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What Are Transfer Cases?

If you own a four-wheel drive vehicle, you might someday have to visit a transmission shop near San Jose for transfer case maintenance or repair. A transfer case is a crucial element of a four-wheel ...
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Evaluating Transmission Problems

It’s important to recognize transmission problems in order to minimize your need for car transmission repairs in San Jose. The sooner that you seek service from a mechanic at your local ...
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