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What Are Transfer Cases?

If you own a four-wheel drive vehicle, you might someday have to visit a transmission shop near San Jose for transfer case maintenance or repair. A transfer case is a crucial element of a four-wheel drive vehicle’s drive train. It uses drive shafts to transfer power from the vehicle’s transmission to its front and rear axles. It also ensures that the vehicle’s front and rear wheels are in synchronized rotation.

If you put off visiting your local transmission shop for transfer case maintenance and repairs, you’re likely to do extensive damage to your car’s drive system. Loud grinding noises, difficulty shifting gears, and leaking fluid are all signs that your car needs transmission work and transfer case repairs. In order to reduce your risk of costly problems with your vehicle’s transfer case, you should visit your transmission shop regularly for transfer case maintenance. This maintenance may include flushing and replacing lubrication fluid, checking fluid levels, and inspecting the transfer case for worn or damaged parts.

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