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Do You Need to Change Your Transmission Fluid?

Most drivers are good about changing the oil inside their engines, but unfortunately the same can’t be said when it comes to changing the fluid inside the transmission. That’s a shame, really, considering that changing this fluid is one of the easiest ways to prolong the life of your car’s transmission and avoid major problems that can require costly transmission repairs. Do you really need to change your transmission fluid? The short answer is yes. Below we’ll explain some of the dangers of neglecting to change the fluid and how often you should have this service performed at your local transmission repair shop in San Jose.


How Often to Change Fluid

How often this service should be performed varies from carmaker to carmaker, so a good place to start is your vehicle’s owner’s manual. However, keep in mind that the interval between transmission fluid changes is also dependent on other factors such as the kind if driving you do, where you drive, and the overall condition of your vehicle. A transmission mechanic can inspect your vehicle and recommend a fluid change interval specific to your car’s needs.

What if You Don’t

The fluid inside your transmission serves a few very important functions. First, it helps facilitate gear shifts. Transmission fluid also cools the transmission and lubricated the moving parts. If you fail to change the fluid, over time it will deteriorate and lose its ability to protect the transmission. Not only will this place additional wear and tear on the transmission, which can require you to seek out transmission repair or replacement sooner than you might otherwise, but it can make for very poor driving performance thanks to rough gear shifts.

Where to Go for a Fluid Change

Changing transmission fluid isn’t like changing motor oil. The transmission needs to be completely flushed and drained of fluid prior to adding new fluid, and this requires special equipment that is usually only found at transmission maintenance and repair shops.

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