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Answers to Your Questions About Automatic Transmissions

The transmission is one of the more mysterious components of any vehicle. When your car needs transmission repair, you may be daunted by the prospect of visiting an automatic transmission repair mechanic. However, by bringing your car to a highly rated transmission repair shop in San Jose, you can feel great knowing that your car’s repairs are in expert hands. Your transmission technician will also be happy to provide you with detailed information about your transmission’s repair needs. Let’s take a look at answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about transmissions. transmission - repair

What happens during an automatic transmission service?

When you are gearing up to bring your vehicle in for automatic transmission services, you may be wondering about what will be included with your appointment. A standard automatic transmission service includes the installation of a new transmission filter and a replacement of worn out transmission fluid. Setting up automatic transmission services at key intervals will help you maintain the safety and performance of your car’s transmission.

Does my automatic transmission need a fluid flush?

After you bring your vehicle in for automatic transmission repair, your mechanic may recommend that you set up a transmission fluid flush. Unlike a transmission repair service, which only involves the replacement of part of a vehicle’s transmission fluid, your mechanic will completely remove and replace your transmission fluid during a flush. Your car may need a transmission fluid flush if it has high mileage, or if it is experiencing shifting problems.

What are the benefits of rebuilding my transmission?

Automatic transmissions that are experiencing severe mechanical issues may need to be rebuilt. If your mechanic has suggested that you should rebuild your transmission, you may have questions about the benefits of this service. Unlike replacing your transmission with brand new components, a transmission rebuild involves the use of recycled or repurposed parts. Recycling components allows your mechanic to keep the cost of rebuilding your transmission as low as possible.

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