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Why Your Car Won't Go Into Gear

Automatic transmission problems are common for higher mileage vehicles. When you notice that your car is having trouble shifting in and out of gear, you may want to bring your vehicle in for an inspection at a top rated automatic transmission repair shop in San Jose. A team of transmission mechanics will be able to use sophisticated diagnostic equipment to determine precisely why your car is having trouble going into gear. To help you determine whether your car is in need of attention from a transmission repair mechanic, here is a look at 3 reasons why your car may be having trouble getting into gear: car - gears

Low Transmission Fluid

If your car is having trouble shifting into gear, low transmission fluid may be the culprit. When your transmission fluid is low or leaking, your vehicle may have trouble shifting smoothly and safely. Transmission fluid is responsible for making sure that the moving components of your car are properly lubricated and cooled. In the event that you have low transmission fluid, you will want to set up immediate transmission repair services.

Electronic Sensor Failure

Many of today’s modern transmissions are controlled by advanced computer systems. When your transmission is not going into gear when you step on the gas pedal, this could be the result of an electronic sensor failure in your vehicle. Using computerized diagnostic equipment, your team of transmission technicians will be able to get to the bottom of any electronic sensor failures that are affecting the performance or shifting ability of your vehicle.

Misaligned Gears

The gears in your transmission are designed to fit smoothly together in various combinations. Sometimes, problems with shifting can be caused by gears that have become misaligned over time. If your gears are not aligning properly, you may also find that your vehicle makes unusual grinding noises when it shifts. No matter the cause of your shifting problems, your transmission technician will be able to repair your transmission to perfection.

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