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Your Transmission Repair Options

Have you noticed that your car’s performance has changed lately? If your car has trouble shifting or takes a moment to move after you shift, it’s possible that you are in need of transmission service in San Jose. Ignoring a transmission problem won’t make it go away—in fact, that can only make matters worse. When you bring your car into the mechanic and find out that you need transmission repairs, you may have a few options of what to do. Keep reading to learn more about your options for transmission repairs. transmission - repair

Rebuilt Transmission

Rebuilding a transmission is a complicated job that can be done well by experienced professionals. It is also an option when you are facing the need for transmission repairs. Rather than building a transmission from the ground up, a rebuilt transmission refers to one that is disassembled and checked for parts that need to be replaced. These worn or broken parts are swapped out for new ones, and then the transmission is rebuilt to the factory specifications of the transmission that originally came with your car. The gaskets, seals, and bands are also replaced to help ensure that your rebuilt transmission works properly for years to come.

Repaired Transmission

If the professionals inspect your transmission and are able to determine that the problem is isolated to a certain area, you might opt to just have a transmission repair. Some parts can be replaced without having to rebuild the entire unit. While this can be cost effective in the short term, it may not benefit you in the long run as you could encounter new and different transmission problems that need to be fixed.

Used Transmission

You may have the option to replace your transmission with a used one from a car that is otherwise not drivable. Choosing this option can save you money, but keep in mind that a used transmission will probably have a much shorter warranty than a rebuilt transmission should you have any problems in the future.

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