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Benefits of a Custom Transmission Rebuild

A good transmission is essential to the safe function of your vehicle. You need your transmission to efficiently deliver power from your engine to your drive axle, and in order for it to do that, you must work with a transmission rebuild company in San Jose to ensure that your transmission is properly maintained. After several years, your transmission will be worn out and need to be rebuilt or replaced. Here are a few of the benefits of going with a custom transmission rebuild. transmission - rebuild

Use Fewer Materials

When rebuilding your transmission, your San Jose transmission repair company will remove the transmission from your vehicle, dissemble it, clean the parts, and put it back together again. One crucial aspect of a transmission rebuild is to replace worn or damaged parts that could potentially be hazardous. Since a custom transmission rebuild only involves the replacement of a few vital pieces, it’s a much more environmentally friendly option than installing a whole new transmission with all new parts.

Reduce the Cost

Though rebuilding a transmission may sound like quite an undertaking, it’s really a pretty simple job. Since rebuilding a transmission involves fewer new parts than replacing a transmission altogether, you end up paying less. Rebuilding your transmission is a great way to make sure you get the most out of your current transmission before opting for a replacement.

Personalize Your Vehicle

If you want your vehicle to drive a certain way, having it rebuilt is a great excuse to customize it to your liking. Depending on what you use your vehicle for, you can ask your transmission expert to customize your transmission so that it boosts your vehicle’s performance in a particular way. This could be useful for commercial vehicles that fulfill a specific purpose, or for a personal vehicle that needs a little more get up and go.

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