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Common Reasons for CV Axle Repair

The constant velocity axle, or CV axle, is responsible for working with your differential axle to get your engine torque where it needs to go, which helps you keep your car under control and stay safe on the road. A failing CV axle can present quite a few problems, but the right transmission service in San Jose can set you up with repairs. People often realize that they might need transmission repair when they notice that their drives have been increasingly uncomfortable, but strange noises and greasy tires can serve as red flags as well. Read ahead and take a look at some of the common reasons for CV axle repair. car - repair

Uncomfortable Drive

Without your CV axle, your drive shaft would have no way to connect to your wheels. It’s your CV axle’s job to move power from your drive shaft to your wheels, and this is something to keep in mind if you’re wondering if you might need transmission repair. Many of the components of your transmission—and your vehicle as a whole—will move or vibrate when in use. If your CV axle is damaged, this vibration might get to an excessive point that rattles your entire vehicle. Next time you’re on the road, think about how your car feels and consider stopping by the transmission repair shop.

Strange Noises

When something is going wrong with your vehicle, you can usually expect to hear some kind of sound that doesn’t register as normal. If you think you might be dealing with transmission problems like a malfunctioning CV axle, you should pay particularly close attention when you’re turning. If you hear a clicking sound when you turn, talk to your automatic transmission specialist to see if your CV axle is in trouble.

Greasy Tires

One sign of a transmission problem that might not be so obvious is the accumulation of grease on your tires. You can find this grease on the inside of your tire, and it may be due to problems with your CV axle. This leak can make problems worse, so don’t wait to talk to your transmission professional.

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