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A Closer Look at CV Axles

Too much friction can be detrimental to your transmission in San Jose, which is where CV axles come into play. They allow your transmission to work properly by handling the flow of power from the drive shaft, which keeps your ride smooth and comfortable. A damaged CV axle can present some problems for your vehicle, however, so you should know when it’s time for a repair and how to maintain the axles themselves. Continue reading and take a closer look at CV axles. cv - axle

What They Mean

The “CV” in CV axles stand for constant velocity. This means that the axle helps you maintain your velocity without any hiccups throughout your drive. CV joints have built upon the 4-wheel drive systems of old, but today’s joints do away with variations in speed. Thankfully, the CV joints we have today are able to handle many different angles and will reliably keep the velocity constant.

When They’re Damaged

Whenever you experience a damaged transmission, you should waste no time in talking to your professional and having the problem fixed. If your CV axle is malfunctioning, you should know how to tell so you can avoid a transmission issue and keep your car on the road. One of the first signs of damage you should look out for is a clicking or popping sound. This is especially problematic if it gets louder as you accelerate, and humming, growling, and knocking sounds can be signs of trouble, as well. You might also find that you have difficulty steering properly, which might become especially apparent when you’re making turns. Talk to your transmission specialist if you notice any of these problems.

How to Maintain Them

Just as it’s important to fuel up and change your oil, it’s also important to maintain your CV axles. The best way to do this is to check up on your axles regularly, with the help of your transmission specialist. You’ll want to pay special attention to cracks or leaks in the boot, and have the boot replaced if you’re having transmission trouble that doesn’t turn out to be the fault of your CV axles.

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