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Blog Posts in December, 2017

Avoid These Common Car Owner Mistakes

Everybody makes mistakes sometimes, but being aware of them helps you avoid them in the future. Knowing what kinds of errors people tend to make with their cars gives you the chance to keep your car ...
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Why Won't My Vehicle Shift Gears?

Shifting gears might not be something you think about if you drive a car with an automatic transmission in San Jose. If you drive a manual, on the other hand, you need to shift gears yourself. A ...
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Signs That Your Transmission is Failing

If it takes too long for you to realize there’s something wrong with your transmission in San Jose, you might already be dealing with permanent damage. You can prepare yourself for transmission ...
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Tips for Making Your Automatic Transmission Last

The most important similarity between manual and automatic transmissions in San Jose is that they can both last longer when they’re properly maintained. This means using the right type of ...
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