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Tips for Making Your Automatic Transmission Last

The most important similarity between manual and automatic transmissions in San Jose is that they can both last longer when they’re properly maintained. This means using the right type of transmission fluid, seeking transmission repair whenever you suspect there’s a problem, and keeping your transmission cool so it doesn’t overheat. If you stick to a regular maintenance schedule and you give your car the care it needs, you can stretch out the lifespan of your transmission. Read ahead for a closer look at these automatic transmission tips.

Know Your Fluid

Your automatic transmission won’t make it without the help of its transmission fluid. One of the major threats to this fluid is heat, but synthetic transmission fluids do a good job of holding up over time. Synthetic fluid doesn’t need to be changed as frequently either, which makes overall maintenance easier. Be careful, however, because the wrong kind of transmission fluid can cause serious problems for your car.

Get Repairs Done

You wouldn’t wait to go to the doctor if you realized your leg was broken, so why would you wait to see the transmission repair specialist if you notice a problem with your vehicle? You can’t expect your automatic transmission to hold up if you fail to maintain it or ignore the problem signs. There are always indicators that you can look for that will let you know if there’s an issue with your vehicle, but it’s your responsibility to look for them. Pay attention to burning smells, leaking transmission fluid, and problems switching gears, and see your mechanic soon after.

Try a Cooler

Transmissions get hot, and they can only take so much heat before they start declining. The hotter they get, the worse the problem becomes, and there’s little time to spare. Overheating transmissions may burn out the very fluid that’s used to cool them down. Consider using a cooler to keep the temperature of your transmission down and preserve your fluid. Transmission fluid cannot be overcooled, so there’s little risk to installing an aftermarket cooling system.

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