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Warning Signs of an Impending Transmission Failure

Your car’s transmission contains a range of complex and sensitive components. Without a transmission that is functioning properly, your car may eventually suffer a serious breakdown on the road. To avoid a maintenance emergency, you will want to set up transmission repair in San Jose at the first indication that your transmission is having trouble. Using advanced diagnostic equipment, your technicians will be able to properly address your transmission problems. If you are wondering whether you need to set up transmission repair, read on to take a look at some of the warning signs that your transmission is about to fail. transmission - repair

Leaking Fluid

Any fluid leaks from your vehicle should be cause for concern. Leaking transmission fluid could indicate that your transmission is on the brink of failure. Without the right amount of transmission fluid, the gears in your transmission could be in danger of overheating or grinding together. If you are wondering whether your car is leaking transmission fluid, you can look for any bright red stains that appear on your driveway after your vehicle has been parked.

Unusual Odors

Your nose may also be able to tell you when transmission failure is imminent for your vehicle. A failing transmission may start to product a distinctive burning odor. When you start to smell unusual odors coming from underneath the hood of your car, you will want to visit the transmission repair center right away. Once your transmission has started to burn up, it is very close to failing.

Lack of Response

A transmission that is fully functional will respond smoothly and efficiently to changes in speed and acceleration. If you have begun to notice that your transmission delays changing between gears, you may be dealing with an upcoming transmission emergency. With assistance from a team that offers quality transmission repair, you can address your transmission’s shifting struggles and ensure that your car is fit for all of your daily drives.

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