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When to Seek Repair Services for Clutch Problems

While more and more cars are being engineered with automatic transmissions, the manual transmission is still popular with many drivers. If you drive a car that is equipped with a manual transmission, you will want to be particularly attentive to the performance of your clutch. If your clutch is starting to behave strangely, do not wait to schedule car transmission repair in San Jose. To help you extend the lifespan of your manual transmission, here is a look at some signs that your clutch is in need of repair. clutch - repair

Slipping Gears

Your transmission’s clutch relies on the physical properties of friction in order to shift and maintain gears. When your clutch is having repair problems, you might start to feel that your car slips out of gear while you are driving down the road. Eventually, your slipping gears could cause your engine to rev dangerously. If you have started to notice unusual slipping from your transmission, it may be time to schedule services for your clutch.

Sticky Pedal

In order to operate a car with a manual transmission, a driver must be able to easily activate and release the clutch pedal. When your clutch pedal starts to stick or become very difficult to push in, this is a sure sign that your vehicle is in need of clutch repair. Over time, your clutch cable can become blocked or tightened, which will result in a sticky clutch. Your mechanics can release the restricted cable and return the functionality of your manual transmission.

Grinding Sounds

A properly functioning manual transmission should operate smoothly and with very little sound. In the event that your clutch becomes stuck or fails to disengage, you may find that your transmission makes a distinctive grinding sound. By bringing your vehicle to the transmission repair center, you can make sure that your clutch is able to engage and disengage as you shift. Any unusual transmission sounds or sensations need to be addressed by a mechanic that specializes in transmission repair.

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