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Driving Habits That Can Hurt Your Transmission

The way you drive has everything to do with the longevity and efficiency of your vehicle. When it comes to your transmission in San Jose, there are some specific tendencies that can quickly weaken its performance and warrant automatic transmission repair. You can keep your transmission strong by starting and stopping the vehicle without being too abrupt, keeping an eye on the fluid to make sure it’s clean and at the right level, and only using your brake pedal to stop the car. Keep reading to learn about driving habits that can hurt your transmission. transmission - maintenance

Abrupt Starting and Stopping

If you want your transmission to last as long as possible, you should take it easy when stopping or starting your vehicle. Don’t start driving until the engine has warmed up, and don’t come to a screeching halt for no reason. There are many components in your transmission system that can become damaged if they are not treated properly. When you slam on the brakes, you might damage your transmission mounts. Revving the engine and speeding off as soon as the light turns green can be even more hazardous for your transmission, and it’s not a safe practice in general.

Neglecting Your Fluids

In terms of the transmission fluid in your vehicle, make sure it’s clean, the proper type for your car, and at the right level. Failing to check on these components of your fluid can yield serious consequences for your transmission. You need your fluid so that your transmission stays lubricated and doesn’t overheat, but it requires a certain level of clean fluid designed specifically for your type of transmission. Use the fluid that’s appropriate for your automatic or manual transmission, and change it when it’s dirty.

Using the Transmission to Brake

There are right and wrong ways to stop at a stop sign, red light, or parking spot, and leaning on your transmission is one of the wrong ways. Too much friction might come off a sudden and abrupt downshift when your engine is already revving, and this can cut into the working life of your manual or automatic transmission.

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