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What Is the PO700 Code?

Your transmission is equipped with a computerized diagnostic system that can send out trouble codes when a mechanical or electronic issue is detected within the transmission’s controls. If your check engine light comes on, a transmission shop may be able to scan your vehicle’s computer for the PO700 code. With quality transmission repair near San Jose, you will be able to diagnose and repair the underlying problem that has caused the PO700 code to appear. Let’s take a closer look at what you need to know about the PO700 code. car - transmission

Meaning of the PO700 Code

When a PO700 code arises from your transmission system, you may need to consult with a certified mechanic to determine the meaning of the trouble code. In general, a PO700 code means that your car’s computer has picked up on some type of issue within your transmission’s control system. Once the PO700 code has been triggered, your car’s check engine light will illuminate and signal you to head to your nearest auto repair shop immediately.

Causes of the PO700 Code

There are several common causes of a PO700 code from your car’s transmission. Oftentimes, a fault in the transmission’s control system is the source of the trouble code. Other common reasons why your transmission may be sending out a PO700 code include faults in the valve body of the transmission or a short circuit in the transmission’s wiring. Solenoid problems can also trigger the PO700 code in your transmission.

Symptoms of the PO700 Code

Along with looking for an illuminated check engine light, there are a few other symptoms that you can watch for that may indicate that your transmission is experiencing a PO700 issue. If your car’s fuel efficiency has suddenly declined, this could indicate a PO700 code problems. You may also notice that your car is stalling, sputtering, or shifting roughly when a PO700 trouble code arises. When you start to notice any unusual symptoms coming from your transmission, do not hesitate to visit your local transmission repair shop.