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Blog Posts in June, 2017

Avoid Future Problems with These Maintenance Services

The best way to avoid a problem is to predict it and take all the necessary steps to prevent it from happening. This foresight can save you money when it comes to making repairs, and it can save you ...
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Detecting a Slipping Clutch

A slipping clutch is an indication that you should seek transmission repair in San Jose. A malfunctioning transmission can cause serious problems for your vehicle if you don’t take care of it ...
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Factors to Consider Before Deciding Whether to Rebuild or Replace a Transmission

Rebuilding and replacing a transmission in San Jose can both be good for your vehicle, but they don’t offer the same advantages. That’s why you should do your homework to see which option ...
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A Closer Look at Transmission Overheating

You need to keep your transmission in San Jose cool for it to work properly, as overheating can take small problems and make them severe. There are a few clear symptoms of an overheating transmission, ...
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