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Getting to the Bottom of Common Car Symptoms

When you bring your car in for transmission repair, your mechanic may ask you to describe any unusual symptoms that you have recently noticed in your vehicle. By paying attention to your car’s symptoms, your mechanic can get to the bottom of a variety of transmission issues. If you have started to notice that your car is acting strangely when you drive, it may be time to schedule car transmission repair in San Jose. To help you determine what is causing your transmission troubles, let’s review the causes of some of the most common car symptoms that affect today’s vehicles. transmission -  repair

Slow Responsiveness

A transmission that is in proper working condition will send power to your wheels as soon as you step on the gas pedal. If you have started to find that your car is slow to respond when you are accelerating from a stop, your car may be experiencing transmission problems. Low transmission fluid is a common cause of slow responsiveness in the transmission system. If your fluid levels are fine, the problem could be located in your shift linkage system.

Abrupt Down Shifts

Your transmission is designed to shift smoothly between every gear. When your transmission system has a damaged throttle linkage or malfunctioning hard parts, it may start to down shift very abruptly. An abrupt down shift may cause your car to feel like it is clunking or banging whenever you let off of the accelerator pedal. By addressing your malfunctioning parts, your mechanic can prevent your car from down shifting harshly.

Lagging Gear Changes

Over many miles of driving, your car’s transmission may start to shift gears more sluggishly than usual. In order to preserve the safe performance and drivability of your car, your technician may need to switch out the transmission fluid in your system. Dirty transmission fluid can be the cause of lagging gear changes in your car. By changing your transmission fluid, you may be able to return your vehicle to peak driving condition.

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