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Preventing Transmission Problems

Your car’s transmission is a very important part of its internal systems. If your transmission starts to fail, your car may lose its ability to drive. In order to keep your car going for its full lifespan, it is a good idea to practice the art of proper transmission care. A transmission repair shop in San Jose can help you take fantastic care of your transmission throughout the lifespan of your vehicle. With a few simple car care tricks, you can keep your transmission up and running for many miles.

One great way to prevent transmission problems is to bring your vehicle in for routine transmission maintenance at important mileage milestones. Once your car has more than 100,000 miles on the odometer, it will be ready for a full transmission fluid flush. You can also help your transmission to last longer by avoiding very rapid acceleration and other aggressive driving tactics. Finally, you can also preserve your transmission by addressing fluid leaks and other issues, as soon as they appear.

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