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Top Signs of Transfer Case Problems

Not every drive is nice and smooth, which is why your vehicle should be able to handle less than perfect terrain. If your transfer case starts acting up, you should be sure to head to your automatic transmission repair shop in San Jose to diagnose and treat the problem. You can stay ahead of the game and keep problems to a minimum by recognizing the signs that suggest an issue, like trouble shifting, fluid leaks, and odd noises coming from the vehicle. Feel free to keep reading for a closer look at the top signs of transfer case problems. transfer - case

Shifting Troubles

If you want to save your transfer case and prevent further damage from occurring, you should talk to your automatic transmission repair professional at the first sign of a problem. Remember that ignoring the problem can lead to much more extensive issues, and you could do permanent damage to your transmission. One of the symptoms of a transfer case problem is trouble shifting gears—this is one of the most common types of problems associated with transmission failure. Your car might slip gears while you’re on the road, or it might feel rough when you switch gears. Keep an eye out for these problems and alert your transmission specialist.

Fluid Leaks

You can usually assume that a leak indicates a problem. The fluids that help your car operate are not meant to dip below a certain level, and letting fluid continue to leak from your transfer case can be seriously problematic. Once the transfer case fluid drains, you may deal with severe transmission problems. It’s a good idea to work with your transmission expert to maintain your transfer case. Then you can avoid leaks, or at least deal with them promptly.

Strange Sounds

When you’re driving along and suddenly hear an abnormal sound when you switch gears, your transfer case might be in trouble. Keep an ear out for grinding noises that only occur when you’re in a certain gear. If you hear anything out of the ordinary, be sure to let your transmission mechanic know about it.

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