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What Does a Transmission Rebuild Usually Include?

If your transmission has been giving you trouble, you should talk to the professionals for a diagnosis. In some cases, you might benefit from an automatic transmission rebuild in San Jose. In order to rebuild your transmission, your mechanic will have to start by taking the unit apart. Then, he or she can take a look at each of the components that allow the transmission to operate before reassembling all of the parts and testing it to ensure that it’s in working order. For more on what a transmission rebuild usually includes, feel free to read on. transmission - rebuild

Breaking Down the Transmission

An automatic transmission is a relatively complex system that makes use of many different parts. When your specialist gets ready for an automatic transmission rebuild, he or she will start by breaking your transmission down. Even the transmission rebuild experts will need to remove certain parts of the transmission in order to access the deeper components. Once everything has been taken apart, it will be easier to get an idea of which components are in working shape and which ones need attention.

Inspecting Individual Components

The next step in the transmission rebuild process is to meticulously inspect each of the components that go into your transmission. This includes your planetary gears, which are gears that work together to create different speed ratios and are crucial for the functioning of your automatic transmission. Your mechanic will inspect each part of this finely tuned system for damage and wear. Then he or she will move onto the electrical aspects of your transmission. If any damage is found, your mechanic will take this opportunity to repair or replace any undesirable components.

Rebuilding and Testing

Now that all of the components of your transmission are in top shape, your mechanic can put them all back together. Before turning the transmission back over to you, however, it’s important to undergo some performance testing. The mechanic will test out the newly rebuilt transmission to ensure that nothing was overlooked, and you can enjoy your vehicle again.

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