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Why Isn't My Car Moving?

Your car might stop functioning properly for any number of reasons. If you can’t get your vehicle to move at all, the culprit might depend on the type of transmission in San Jose that you have. However, those with automatic transmissions and manual transmissions should still visit the repair shop to find out exactly what’s wrong. Your car can’t do much good for you if you can’t get it on the road, and you never want to risk it when dealing with your transmission. Continue on if you are wondering why your car isn’t moving.

You probably rely on your car to get where you need to go, but what happens if it stops moving? Sometimes your engine might appear to work fine, but then you notice that your transmission isn’t picking up. If you have an automatic transmission, you could be running low on fluid. Driving around with an inadequate amount of transmission fluid can do lasting damage to your transmission as a whole, and you’ll continue to lose fluid until you address the situation. For those with manual transmissions, the problem could be a faulty clutch. Head in and see your transmission professional to be sure.

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