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Blog Posts in November, 2017

FAQs About Transmission Fluid

Your transmission in San Jose might be the star of the show, but it wouldn’t be able to work without its fluid. Fresh, clean transmission fluid plays some important roles in your car’s ...
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Is It Bad to Skip Gears in a Manual Car?

There are many differences between automatic and manual transmissions in San Jose, and they have to do with the way the gears match up. If you’re trying to skip over one or more gears in a ...
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What Does It Mean if My Transmission Light Is On?

Your car communicates with you in many ways, and if you know what signs to look for, you can understand quite a bit about a given problem. Car transmission repair in San Jose should be taken care of ...
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What's Wrong with My Transmission?

It’s not just mechanics who should know about how a transmission works. If you have some insight as to what’s supposed to be going on, then you might have some idea of what’s going ...
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