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FAQs About Transmission Fluid

Your transmission in San Jose might be the star of the show, but it wouldn’t be able to work without its fluid. Fresh, clean transmission fluid plays some important roles in your car’s handling as well as the length of its working life, especially when it’s used in the right amounts. The exact type of fluid you should use for your transmission depends on a multitude of factors from your driving style to the time of year. A leak can be a serious problem that you should notify the transmission shop about quickly. Keep reading and answer some of your questions about transmission fluid.

What does it do?

Without clean transmission fluid, your vehicle will have trouble shifting gears. This goes for both automatic and manual cars and trucks. Healthy transmission fluid lubricates the system, which helps prevent friction and the heat that comes along with it. In this way, the fluid keeps your vehicle from overheating, especially during the summer. You do need to change your transmission fluid occasionally, so check it regularly and make sure it’s a clean, bright red color.

Which kind should I use?

When choosing a type of transmission fluid to use, think about how different types offer different advantages. The wrong kind of fluid can do more harm than good, and it might be the reason you end up in the transmission repair shop. Check your owner’s manual to find out what kind of fluid is recommended for your vehicle. If you have a newer car, you might prefer synthetic fluid. This kind is more resistant to heat and can improve the car’s performance.

Do I have a leak?

Every time you change your transmission fluid, look at the levels. We change transmission fluid because it gets dirty over time, not because it’s used up. If you are rapidly losing fluid for no apparent reason, then you probably have a leak. This makes your vehicle more prone to overheating, and simply adding more fluid won’t fix the real problem, so talk to your mechanic.

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