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What Does It Mean if My Transmission Light Is On?

Your car communicates with you in many ways, and if you know what signs to look for, you can understand quite a bit about a given problem. Car transmission repair in San Jose should be taken care of immediately, because the transmission is an integral part of your vehicle’s ability to function. One of the most common symptoms of a transmission issue is a problem shifting gears. However, your vehicle also has a light that will turn on if it needs to get your attention. Continue reading to learn what it means if your transmission light is on.

A small light won’t be enough to immediately convey what’s wrong, and some people continue to drive without even noticing it. You can’t tell exactly what’s wrong with your car with just the flicker of a light. That’s why you should pay attention to other symptoms as well, and see your transmission repair specialist if you can’t figure it out. Grinding sounds and slipping gears are two of the more common indicators that there’s a problem with your transmission, so look for them when your light turns on.

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