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Don't Ignore That Burning Smell!

People tend to have a natural inclination to stop what they’re doing and investigate when they smell something burning. Usually the smell of burning indicates that something is going wrong, and that there is a problem to be addressed. You should be especially concerned about a burning smell if you’re driving a car. This could indicate a problem with your transmission in San Jose, which will require a trip to see the professionals. If you want to avoid problems and keep your car on the road, keep reading and don’t ignore that burning smell.

Of course, it’s easier to ignore a problem and hope that it goes away, but this isn’t the safest approach, particularly when you’re dealing with your vehicle. The different components that make up your car or truck need to work in harmony, and one faulty system can affect the vehicle’s overall performance. If you smell burning, check your transmission fluid. You could be smelling your transmission overheating and burning up the fluid as a result. The moving parts in your car won’t get the lubrication they need, and the transmission will only get hotter and hotter. See your professional, change your fluid, and have your system looked at.

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